• Cement bonded particle boards BetonWoodOur cement bonded particle board is incombustible, waterproof, fungus resistant, formaldehyde free, asbestos free and inks,
    it has a high static and flow rate, maximum inertia and high specific weight, it isn't harmful to man and nature,
    it has an high density (1350 Kg/m³), an high compressive resistance (9000,00 KPa), workability and price.
  • High thermal displacementOur cement bonded particle boards BetonWood can be coupled with excellent insulating materials such as:
    wood fiber, blond cork, expanded or extruded polystyrene; in order to obtain complete building solutions
    specific to the different needs of thermal and acoustic insulation.
  • Roofs with BetonwoodThe BetonWood roof systems are characterized by excellent values of thermal, acoustic insulation and breathability
    which reduce the mold formation and humidity compared to traditional systems. Furthermore, the cement bonded particle boards layer
    allows to obtain a high compressive strength (9000,00 KPa) and an excellent fire resistance (A2 class).
  • Reinforced insulating wall systemBetonTherm® is a complete system for thermal insulation with high thermal and mechanical resistance, high acoustic insulation
    and with a rare A2 fire resistance, the mechanical resistance is given by the high density cement bonded particle boards
    that constitutes the outer layer. A thermal composite system that is easy to install,
    workable, saves on scaffolding and manual processing costs.
  • Thermal composite systems BetonThermWith the reinforced thermal composite systems BetonTherm a higher noise reduction is obtained, greater than the other coating systems on the market.
    BetonTherm is the ideal system for the insulation, both internal and external, of the perimeter walls and is suitable for both
    traditional constructions and dry wood systems (X-Lam or Platform Frame type) and for metal frame systems.
  • Wood fiber insulating wallsFibeTherm protect and protect dry are plasterable insulating panels in wood fiber for natural and eco-friendly thermo-acoustic insulating systems.
    These are available in the densities 110 kg/m³, 140 kg/m³, 180 kg/m³, 230 kg/m³ and 265 kg/m³.
    The wood fiber thermal insulating composite system could be both internal and external.
  • Internal wood fiber wallThe thermal insulating system for walls with FiberTherm wood fiber guarantees high performance and durability that makes it a reference system
    in many European countries. The high dimensional stability of the wood fiber insulating panels, with varying
    thermo-hygrometric conditions, helps to eliminate the expansions and cracks due to the temperature range
    that can reduce the life of the coat.
  • Insulating wood fiber roofThe roof, due to its large surface tends to lose a lot of thermal energy and consequently also to lose potential savings in restructuring.
    But what happens if the attic is already developed and inhabited? We at BetonWood offer the FiberTherm solution, a wood fiber
    insulation panel that can be positioned from the outside directly between the beams or above them.
  • Wood fiber screed replacementOne of the BetonWood roof remediation solutions consists of high-quality FiberTherm wood fiber panels
    FSC® certified with a density of 160Kg/m³ kept under the intrados of the floor by metal hooks for false ceilings, leaving a variable space
    for the passage of cables and systems between panels and a metal structure that acts as a frame for the false ceiling.
  • Modular radiant floor systemThe radiant system BetonRadiant for heating floors is a modular system suitable for any surface finish.
    The system allows new X-Lam buildings, frame systems, metal structures to have a dry system with passage of installations,
    and to have excellent mechanical strength so as to look like a traditional attic.
  • Betonwood panels installationThe radaint floor system BetonRadiant have special millings that ensure easy laying of the pipes that distribute heat throughout the room from the collector.
    See our installation instructions to find out how to create a normal or elevated radiant floor in a few simple steps!
  • Cement bonded particle boards for standsThe cement bonded particle boards BetonWood, thanks to its mechanical, phisical
    and aesthetics characteristics, it is not only used for functional or structural uses, but also for
    the preparation of shops, exhibitions, stands, runways for runways and coverings in general.
Cement bonded particle boards BetonWood1 High thermal displacement2 Roofs with Betonwood3 Reinforced insulating wall system4 Thermal composite systems BetonTherm5 Wood fiber insulating walls6 Internal wood fiber wall7 Insulating wood fiber roof8 Wood fiber screed replacement9 Modular radiant floor system10 Betonwood panels installation11 Cement bonded particle boards for stands12

Over the past few decades, the experience carried out on these cement bonded particle boards has met the needs of the buyers, finding a wide application among modern building materials.

Thanks to their advantageous characteristics, our FiberTherm high-performance wood fiber panels are important for building constructions and classifiable as environmentally sustainable building materials. These are completely natural, recyclable, eco-sustainable materials.

Guaranteed quality

Quality is guaranteed by the major European quality certification institutes.

Holzforschung Austria, Vienna, checks the strengths of BetonWood building boards twice a year. FMPA, Otto-Graf-Insitut-Universitat, Stuttgart, controls fire resistance and quality characteristics.

IBBF, Ingeneurburo + Bio-Bauforschung Karl Heinz Sirtl: their tests confirm that the BetonWood building boards are not harmful to humans or the environment.


Our panels have multiple uses in the building sector, starting with the floors for prefabricated structures, bio-ecological building panels, platform-frame panels, thermal and acoustic insulation, replacing plaster casts and panels with low resistance to humidity, in sandwich panels coupled with insulating materials for the thermal composite system, in partition walls, fire walls and doors, prefabricated furnishings, mezzanines, fireproof coatings, light paneling, naval fittings, hospitals, schools, penitentiaries, public buildings in general and much more.

Certified products

Taking into consideration the life cycle of a building, from design to construction, promoting an approach based on the principles of eco-sustainability (Green Building), our products participate in a percentage share in the supply of the following LEED credits: MR5, MR7, EA1 , IEQ 4.4, IEQ 4.1.

Other insulating panels

Insulating cement bonded particle boards, wood fiber panels, blond cork panels, rolls and granules, traditional and reinforced thermal composite systems, dry screeds, radiant floor systems, self-supporting dry walls.

Complete building solutions for roofs, external and internal walls, traditional and elevater radaint floors.
Your solution for every need.

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Reinforced thermal insulating composite system BetonTherm Radiant floor system BetonRadiant Blond cork granules
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